La Boredega

Empty vessels make much noise. And when a restaurant does that, its considered a hype. Until you check it out for yourself.

It took us a good amount of time to look for the place itself. No one seemed to have heard about it or knew its whereabouts. Or may be that was a sign to save us from what followed. I could have found God in much lesser time. Anyway the hunt stopped after we spotted the distant signboard hanging at half mast. And then there were stairs to climb up. Did i mention I was wearing high heels? You know how smooth the lanes of Khan market are.

Claiming to serve authentic mexican cuisine, I couldn’t wait to order Guacamole. In fact the whole hunt was so I could eat guacamole, avocados and nachos. What’s mexican cuisine without avocado and jalapeño? In case you are thinking of a rhetorical answer, go ahead.. leave it in the comments.

Whatever we ordered deserves no description. Lets say it was mexican enough to burn our tongues and make us cry. Sangria- utterly sweet yet helpless to stop that burning. The kitchen and the staff are probably still figuring out the right proportion to be mexican in this very indian neighbourhood. Right from their etiquettes to approach, its awkwardly lingering between informal to laid-back. I mean why else would the waitress tell me how they’ve run out of Guacamole just ten mins back before 9 pm on a Saturday night. Further, on requesting to churn out some fresh batch, I’m reminded about how expensive Avocados are! Like that was new information. Will someone tell me again why exactly I was looking for this place painstakingly, in an evening at a place with much better options and pay over three grand to have mexican cuisine without guacamole?

As ostentatious the place is, the best part was still the decor, decked up as a grocery store, it at least lives up to its name quite literally for its ambience. Another thing to note is, they are as difficult to find on the net as they are offline. I wish their reputation could be as inconspicuous.

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