Briefly, this blog is about:

  • my rendezvous with absolutely diva-licious food
  • some gobsmacked people who make it possible
  • the intricacies of the place – if it catches my eye

In retrospect, I realize Foursquare or Instagram don’t do enough justice to the fulfilling gastronomic experiences I have had in the past. So this is my veracious attempt to savor all that the pictures miss to tell.

Having devoured Paatchi for goodnight chocolates from the Burj, to receiving frequent courier packages of dark Champagne truffles from Le Maison du Chocolat, to surviving on chilled Evian as an interning waitress, to sipping the heavenly Pimms No.1 on misty London noons, to crawling the Clarke Quay for vegetarian Japanese Waraku dining, to slurping on sumptuous Saffron infused curries at Carnivore in the African savannah, I feel like an Epicurean Connoisseur.

Of course, being a preferred vegetarian, it does limit my experience to just having an occasional Beluga Caviar, baked Oyster or grilled Sea bass for meaty delights. Not sure if I can burn off anymore than that meat through my dancing and Yoga.

People who know how much a fitness freak I am, still wonder – why its taking so long to get those toned abs. I hope this blog answers that.

For any other questions and queries, please reach out at champagne_tulip@yahoo.co.in.

Thank you for reading.

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