Ethiopian Encounter

Following from the last post, and continuing my search on – for more Slow Food, I landed in the Cultural Embassy of Ethiopia in Diplomatic Enclave, Chanakyapuri.

I will skip the details of how I got the entry and managed to get a table. As that might be in the territory of shady business. But like we all know everything is fair in love and war, and especially for the Love of Food.

The thing about good food – No matter how good it is our tastebuds will get used to it eventually. Just like life, no matter how glad it becomes, you can be addicted to a certain kind of sadness. dum..da da dum..da da dum..da..da..dada da da.

So with full of a new kind of anticipation, I was waiting -wondering how the vegetarian food is going to be. Meanwhile a lot more people occupied other tables and I thought ‘Wow this place is really popular!’

And finally when my tray arrived, appetising was the last word on my mind but I was still drooling, may be more out of curiosity than hunger. Like how we have banana-leaf lined plates in South India, this one was fully lined with a thick-white dosa like pancake. A bit frothy and thicker in texture, its much blander and perfect to go with the accompaniments that are served on it. About 7-9 different accompaniments, few stir fried, few pastes, some stew, and one in powdered form were rather scattered around on top of this crepe, which I found out later is called Injera. It was made of teff– that was another mystery revealed to me.

I took a minute to figure out how one should start eating this, as there was cutlery lying by the side. And I wondered if this white pancake is for decor or actually edible. A quick instinct later, i just started tearing it and dug in to feed myself. What followed was so bustling that I stopped only when i couldn’t tear it anymore. And mind you, i managed to finish only half of Injera. It was so filling, and delicious and wholesome!

This is by far the simplest looking meal I’ve had, that am including on this blog. Not so much of an appeal to your eyes yet the most titillating to the tastebuds. Owing to the ingredients used and basic methods of preparation that makes it worthy to be part of the SlowFoodMovement.

An ultra-rare combination to find. Much like its’ listing. This place is so exclusive that you won’t even find it on Zomato; even if you search Ethiopian cuisine!

Now doesn’t that make my website uber exclusive?