Taste of Potrero

Now after having had the grand privilege of attending Taste of London in 2009, and Taste of Mumbai, why would i leave a chance to make it a Trilogy of Tastes!

Knowing me i very well could, given how #firstworldproblem even writing a blog becomes, because for that you have to open your laptop, coz who blogs on mobile when you can tick mark all the pics on camera and it will auto-broadcast on three other platforms in less than a minute! Ok ok.. before i get carried away..

I must state that I may pass out at any point of time because of the self induced food comatose that I have got myself in after a long.. long… l.o.n.g. time. I was almost fed up of food so much that I have taken up to two meals a day and some random snacks in between (i know.. thats the loophole). A good meal here and there, and my soul was fed.

And then to think of this evening, when i was actually debating whether to go for it or not. After all it was coinciding with my dance class and i knew i would unnecessarily keep stuffing myself if i saw something interesting, which of course i DID! But of course it wasn’t just random stuff that only looked interesting, it was the shit! The stuff that i wouldn’t even imagine in my dreams, and by the way I do dream of food..that too quite often.

I’ll start with the most ordinary unexceptional homemade nachos with guac and sumac cheese! O dear lord i just realised how difficult writing this blog is going to get considering all the ingredients that i’d never heard of before today! So to make it easier i’ll just go with my own way of describing it and we can correct it on the way as we go. Ok!

So i’ll start with the ravishing stall Rooh, where I saw all the meaty delicacies lying at three levels, only to be emptied and refilled one after another before i could finish the word “Oh! this place is so windy!” Sorry that was a sentence.. but you get the drift!

So i moved on to my own search and found these jewels by the end of an hour search of stuffing my face and being mind boggled every 15 minutes!

  1. Coconut air sprayed bombs from this place on coconut flattened cookie, was like the best combination of what creaminess stuffed with riddles on top of crispiness can do to your palate.
  2. Pearl pasta from this place was a welcome change in terms of shape and texture that we usually associate with heavy carb ridden italian home meal.
  3. Savoury profit roles made of cheese and strawberry ones from this lady on the middle of the hall facing august 15 ‘s stall..were divine to say the least!
  4. Now Am a pescatarian, so you can imagine my wonder and surprise when i asked for an octopus puff with caviar form this place because it looked so damn innocent and delectable.
  5. That wasn’t it, I also had a sea urchin toast which was next to this stall that was selling my next favourite thing in this list..
  6. Cucumber gazpacho as shots was such a refreshing novel and healthy idea that i wish to stick to for the whole of summers here.
  7. Now this stall made me reverse jump with pure JOY and i can not wait to go to them for a full fledged lunch with truffle quiche followed by beautiful beefy brownies!
  8. Good thing, its almost summer time and i know this place thats going to be my go-to for deliciousness in a cup every now and then. Not just can i explore flavours that are sinful but also harmful without feeling a tinge of guilt. Now is this genius or what!
  9. There was this another station for little flavourful oils, jams and jelly that they were serving with goat cheese. I bet you would’ve never tasted goat cheese this delicious!

Now coming to what i didn’t like as much and believe a bit of twist may do wonders : is the mushroom cones with cranberry and white chocolate topped with edible flowers.

Even though every ingredient in there is a personal favourite but somehow the combination didn’t feel right, as much as it should have given what it consists of. But i’d remember them for thinking wild, and creating something brave.

Now if only someone could fill in the blanks for me. This was such a great experience and totally challenged the foodie out of me. I used my highest appetite and capacity to get to know each one of the dishes that i could digest and know more about its origins.

Please hit me up if you’d like me to do a deep dive into any of this. I’d be happy to oblige.