Burma Burma

If anyone thinks that you need to have a bar and serve meat to have a successful restaurant, then this is the sweetest slap on their face.

This restaurant is making me write after a hiatus of more than a year, well that should speak for itself to begin with. Other than my aversion to drinking or binging out for no reason or rhyme, it does make this blog kinda limited edition. And then there are taxes.. you do kind of feel guilty if that list is longer than what you order.

So this place was on my agenda for a long time (read: over few months). The only reason stopping me was the long drive from Delhi to cyber hub. We all know the kind of mental preparation that needs if you’re not used to crossing states on a daily basis.

Speaking of states, this place boasts of a cuisine that we usually think is bland, raw, and hence healthy. Now I have not been to Burma (now Myanmar) yet. But this place makes me want to! And that is a big credit on top of the ambience, service, clientele, and the kind of food they serve here. From a big CEO’s family to one side, to a bunch of start up kids on the other, the gamut of its clientele is mass and all inclusive. With a cover of around 50 seats in a place like cyber hub where people are spoilt for choices, there’s a waiting queue, reservation line and a turnaround of covers most evenings and afternoons. Either that goes to say that people are becoming health conscious as the majority of menu is either salad/soups  and noodles. Or they have just taken up to this cuisine and made it palate worthy. Yes Samosas in chickpea soup can only be as delicious when its a love child between Burma and Delhi! Now I wouldn’t go into the main course or the dessert, coz my explanation may border on being repetitive, so I\ll leave you with just this. Pick your phone, book a table and try it for yourself.

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