Le Bistro du Parc

Recently FoodTalkIndia organised a vegetarian dinner…wait for it.. at a french Bistro!
Considering this time of the year, the festivity during Navratras and the abstinence few people force upon themselves to feel less guilty, was probably reason enough. But when was french cuisine known for its vegetarianism? To me, it was an irony of sorts. I wondered about my last authentic french dinner which had gooey memories of cheese and sauce and indigestion cause of too much lactose. So I was left intrigued about this one.

Since I couldn’t make it for the dinner, I didn’t wait long enough either and went for a luncheon the very next day with a girlfriend. Please note it was still hot outside, and winters far away in sight.

We sauntered in through a shady looking market to this place and the transformation from menial to major happened in a step or two. I pushed the glass door open to enter. A mental window clicked open too. I blame the french monsieur who greeted me with a wide smile and ‘Hello’. My immediate reaction was to blush and run upstairs to hide myself. Il etait le ‘coup de foudre’!

Settling after breaking a wine glass to face the beautiful park, we ordered some Chenin Blanc to calm our nerves down. Noticing only women around for brunches in groups actually made perfect sense now. They all want to open a french window in their head.

Who said men can’t figure out what women want. They probably haven’t visited this bistro yet. It wasn’t for nothing a kiss was named after these people. Anyway without wondering much we begin with a Parisienne salad and some sour bread to go. I feel the new flavours that could be very well mediterranean if it didn’t have the french twist. I savour it all and wipe the dressing off the plate with some loaf.

Next up our main course was made of thin pastry, called the Chou Farci with Vegetable Flan & Beurre Blanc, while the girlfriend ordered Potato & Brie Gratin with Green Salad & Apple. Seldom do french food look this healthy, light, colourful and delicious especially when its vegetarian. The green surroundings absolutely in harmony with the dishes; helps calming our nerves further down. Looking at the park, its so easy to open all your windows of the mind. The food definitely takes it to another level. Dare I add, a french niveaux is hard to keep up with as it is.

Without further a do we were raring to try more and order the Valrhona Chocolate Rocher. I figure to really test a place, you’ve got to taste the kind of chocolate they serve. The name had got us drooling.. like we weren’t already. The first spoon.. God.. was it orgasmic! We literally moaned for minutes. Everything was set to pleasure your senses. Right from the food, the mood and the good..ness! We were left craving for more… and it wasn’t just the food.

The product is the only truth, said Chef Alain Ducasse. And I say seldom does the truth gratify so instantly.