Taste of Mumbai

I was quite wary and hesitant to go for this..Taste of Mumbai. After all how could it even match up to my experience with ‘Taste of London‘, the popular format that was recently introduced in India, few weeks ago.

Well I am glad to be proven wrong.

An early morning dash to the airport, and then chauffeur driven drive to South Bombay to stay in the very group of hotels that I served ten years ago, was nothing short of an epiphany of how time has just flown by!

Overlooking the Arabian Sea from the 23rd floor, the sun drowning into the sea and the full moon before the onset of the dawn, the room gives you more than enough of the antics of nature and the hi-fi crowding skyline the city is waiting to flaunt.

I had missed out on the day 1 but I was optimistic about the rest two days as it would be a weekend. Little after the sun set, having enjoyed the spectacular view, and after struggling on what to wear, I trotted high into the Bombay Ballard Estate. Scanning the crowd, the posh and the pretty, I began my crawl through the stalls.

Starting with chocolate, cheese, silicone crockery, herbs, and then a showcase of speciality cuisine by the niche outlets by five star hotels, demonstrated by their celebrated chefs… I got hooked onto Smokehouse Deli. Light and crisp mix of Salad and sauces made for an appetizing hors d’oeuvre. Followed by Caulifolower Espuma by Caperberry. This one still makes me salivate!

Moving on to some more appliance demos, a little Zumba gig to involve the crowd, and a few Mint Juleps later, started the celebrity showcase-ing their signature dish making. It was fun, with the tidbit-trivia being talked about while they go on with preparing trial dishes for the audience. Kinda intimidating to get the first hand reactions on their cherished recipes.

In the meanwhile, the crowd was warming up to celebrity sightings, tasting what their TV-appeared chefs from different parts of the world had to offer, participating in live barbecue and pizzeria demonstrations, and enjoying quite a breezy evening for Bombay standards. What added more flavors, was the so many in-house family business sprawling up – owning the stalls, doing the demos had its own charm in the middle of all the established 5 star brands.

Day 2 paled in front of Day 1, guess I missed the Zumba and was still recovering from the Oyster shots and what too much of Zinc does in one’s system. But the Strawberry Risotto grew on me despite that. Well who’d ever say  NO to strawberries?

By the way, strawberry is technically a fruit and not a berry!