Art you see!

..and then you don’t, but you feel it out and about.

From the outside, there isn’t anything special about the place. The usual Audi’s honking away on the lanes of M block GK market, once known as the place to be- popular, posh and ‘happening’ has now become a quieter version of display of the big names in the restaurant business. Artusi, derives its name from the famous writer of The Science of Cooking and the Art of Fine dining. Obviously I was keen to explore this place.

Indistinct and almost vacant, besides one table, on a saturday night didn’t pique me but I was surprised. We took seats nonetheless. White linen-ed decor with black and white sketches adorning the walls, it was simple and cozy with tea lights on table. We waited for the menu and then the waiter to take the order. Akin to questioning them on the ingredients that would help me decide on what to order, I was a little miffed when he went to check back before he answered me. Even though it was all to my advantage.

I have always loved Italian. Be it Food, Fashion or Men. Although i haven’t tried the latter much but the dream lives on. Fantasising anymore about this might disappoint me unlike the food here. So coming back to the safer topic, I ordered an antipasti and a salad before deciding on a main course. While we waited, few breads appeared with a lip smacking sun-dried tomato dip. I love such restaurants that take care of things like these: replacing butter with healthier options even if compromising a bit on their costing. I mean a little CSR in your daily routine can go a long way.

Soon my order appeared with all kinds of my favourite fungus and some bread but most of the plate had this insanely big full round piece of melted Brie or was it Camembert! Seriously I couldn’t be bothered. But if you are you can find more here. It’s apparently not much different. I have never been served like this before. Well I have never been to Italy before. This is how they eat there, now I know. A meal that starts with cheese can never go wrong. That could be a general rule of thumb for vegetarians and cheese lovers like moi. You may feel stuffy so remember to share or take-it-away so the deliciousness continues for a day or two. I was loving the fresh rocket leaves with fig and grapes salad along with the cheese and mushroom. There’s no way these combinations can go wrong. Its the safest yet most delicious way to get yourself started. Tangy-ness of grapes, gooey-ness of cheese and the crunch of bread along with leaves is like having everything good in one go.  Since i was happy with the waiters’ recommendation I let him decide the main course for me too.

Pasta Pockets was something new for me. I had an idea but lets say I had not had it off the menu yet. I settled for the hat shaped ones filled with cream cheese. Delightful but the portion size was overwhelming. I wanted to keep some space for the desserts. Again with a sweet jaw like mine it’s always the most difficult part of the dinner, because I just can not settle for one easily. With a lot of hubbub I let the waiter recommend again. I explained him I wanted something like mille-feuille.. lot of layers of pastries with cream in between. I mean Tira misu can not be the answer to all the french desserts in the world. There’s a certain complexity and sophistication that Italians seem to miss. Not for nothing, simplicity has its charm after all. Zuppa Inglese with its layers of chocolate and custard was a bit too much of mush for me to handle. The Panna Cotta arrived with its golden glory of caramelised figs and roasted almonds. It was just what I needed to go up the graph and finish the meal on a much much higher note. That little thing didn’t even survive six bites. Still the price is totally worth it. I ‘ll  probably go there again just for the dessert and blow my pocket a sweet hole.

Sighing with pleasure, I rolled up my sleeves, tied my hair and picked up my doggy pack to head to the door, where the Manager waited to hand me a red rose bud. Now only if he was Italian enough just like the food inside. The Sigh continued..

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